The following pages describe the philosophy and the general organization of the 4 majors, the four minors and of the common courses of the master. Common courses are mandatory for all students enrolled in the master, but the choice of both the major and the minor are free. So please remember:

  1. You must choose a major that is compatible with your previous education. This will be your field of expertise and some pre-requisites are needed
  2. The choice of a minor is completely free, but you will choose your minor at the beginning of the first semester and you won't be able to switch afterwards. The minor will allow you to develop original skills and to will give a "special flavour" to your degree. So you can either choose a field you are already familiar with or passionate about, or on the contrary, be curious and discover a whole new field hence developping complementary skills.

You want more details? You will find here the details of each course, for each major, minor and all common courses.