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Second warning documentary film

One year ago, Bill Ripple published a paper entitled “The Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice”. This paper, has since been co-signed and endorsed by more than 20000 scientists around the world, including 15 Ph.D. students, lecturer, associate professors and professors from the University of La Rochelle.

As stated on the Oregon University webpage dedicated to this project:

“Now the award-winning production team behind the film Saving Atlantis will bring this data to the big screen.

The Second Warning is a documentary about a researcher who built a movement with one click of the mouse. It’s the story of scientists all over the world awakening to the need to become advocates for the fate of the planet and the humans who depend on it.”

If you want to watch the teaser, learn more about (or contribute to) this project, please visit the documentary website. Feel free to share this short link to the documentary website with your contacts: http://bit.ly/2C35hAZ